Hohner Corona IIIR GCF … (been & gone)

P1010696A three voice, three row Hohner Corona, in GCF. The voicing is Low, Medium and Medium (or bassoon, flute and a second flute), with registers to get different combinations of these three reed sets. See the demo video for a walk through… Continue reading “Hohner Corona IIIR GCF … (been & gone)”

Scarlatti two row melodeon (sold)

Scarlatti two row melodeon in DG, Great box for learning and busking.

Scarlatti DGChinese-made two row melodeon in DG. This is an ideal starter instrument: light, compact, with a great sound.  It has a keyboard layout like this (opens page from Melodeon.net). See it being played below!!  Continue reading “Scarlatti two row melodeon (sold)”