Concertina tuning and repair


Concertina repair and restoration normally applies to older mostly English made instruments. These can have good monetary value when restored. I see instruments from a range of makers, for instance, Lachenal, Jones, Jeffries and Wheatstone. I also see the larger German made Chemnitzer concertinas and the similar but more complex bandoneon.

Repair and tuning

  • Overhaul and tune the reeds, including replacement of valves and broken reeds.
  • Replace pads, fix button action issues.
  • Repair cracked action plate.
  • Replace broken ends with new custom made ends.
  • Rebind or repair bellows, or replace the bellows.
  • Bushing the buttons, replace broken buttons etc.
  • Replace broken reeds in bandoneon/Chemnitzer long reed plates.

Concertina repair and tuning of modern instruments normally entails resolving reed issues, either with broken reeds or with tuning problems. Sometimes also the button action needs attention. As a rule, low cost German or Chinese made instruments, the sort that cost £40 on eBay, are not worth repairing.

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