Piano accordion tuning and repair

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Repair and tuning

Here are some examples of my repair services:

Casali reeds
Casali reeds
  • Fix notes not sounding properly, or silent keys, or sounding out of tune – free stuck reed tongues, replace valves or reeds or the wax seal, plus necessary tuning.
  • Tuning – analysis and reed tuning.
  • Fix stuck or misaligned keys or registers or air buttons.
  • Resolve problems with the bass machine.
  • Resolve air leaks – Hohner Atlantics are a regular in my workshop. !960s models often need replacement pallet leathers.

Restoration of old piano accordions

  • Reed overhaul and fixing air leaks and malfunctioning  bass and treble keyboard.
  • A reed overhaul normally entails removing and cleaning reed plates (with ultrasound), replacement of an damaged reeds, valve replacement, refit, maybe with reed wax, and tuning.
  • Tuning analysis and reed tuning.
  • Repair of bellows.
  • Custom made new bellows.


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