Piano accordion repair

Accordion repair services


Accordions can be complicated devices and may need some attention from time to time. I offer the following accordion repair services:

Accordion reeds

Bass reeds

Unstick sticky reeds – the accordion may sound wrong or be missing notes. The reeds might need a basic service.

Replace broken reeds – if a note has suddenly stopped working or gone flat it might be broken or about to break. I keep a good supply of recycled reeds and or can source new reeds if required.

Off pitch notes and valve ‘flutter’ – valves can make a noise. Sometimes it’s possible to quieten them by fitting new valves. If they have fallen off or are missing this normally sharpens the pitch. I have a ready supply of all sizes of valves to resolve any of these issues.

Buzzing and other odd sounds – may indicate loose reeds, sometimes (but not always) caused by failing or brittle reed wax. Any types of wax replacement is undertaken, using genuine Italian reed wax.

Accordion tuning

Tuning table

The tuning may be off here and there – I carry out all tuning corrections. Often referred to as ‘spot’ tuning, which is correcting obviously off notes.

Alterations to amount of tremolo – this is a more extensive tuning exercise. The required degree of tremolo can be established through consultation and or using examples. In some cases it may entail (for instance) analysis of the current tuning style using specialist tuning software (the style may be ‘wet’, with a fast beating tremolo, or the opposite, with a slow beating tremolo). I then make alterations to fit the requirement.

Shifting the ‘concert’ pitch – as an example, an instrument may be tuned noticeably sharp of concert pitch. I can shift the pitch e.g. from A=444 to A=440. This does often entail removing a lot of the reeds and is a lengthy operation.

Accordion bass machines and air leaks

bass machine

Bass machine problems – dropping/disappearing buttons, sticky buttons, impact damage. Most problems are fixable, although some designs make this more difficult than others. It is possible to dismantle many (but not all) bass machines.

Fix air leaks, missing keys, sticky couplers, and damaged or worn bellows.

Restoration of old piano accordions

  • Reed overhaul and fixing air leaks and malfunctioning  bass and treble keyboard.
  • A reed overhaul normally entails removing and cleaning reed plates (with ultrasound), replacement of an damaged reeds, valve replacement, refit, maybe with reed wax, and tuning.
  • Tuning analysis and reed tuning.
  • Repair of bellows.
  • Custom made new bellows.

Want to know how much it costs? Go to the guide to costs. For melodeon repairs go to Melodeon Repair and for concertinas go to Concertina Repair. If you want to contact me call 07526 658430 or send me a message here. And you can read about me here.