Scarlatti Nero melodeon D/G (sold)

Scarlatti Nero melodeon in D/G (Sold). Beginners package!! The Nero is a cut above the cheaper Scarlatti models. It has Czech Dural reeds and a great sound and is compact and lightweight. This instrument is in good condition and has been serviced. It comes with two books (with CD and DVD) and a soft rucksack gigbag. Please see the video to hear it.

Scarlatti two row melodeon (sold)

Scarlatti two row melodeon in DG, Great box for learning and busking.

Scarlatti DGChinese-made two row melodeon in DG. This is an ideal starter instrument: light, compact, with a great sound.  It has a keyboard layout like this (opens page from See it being played below!!  Continue reading “Scarlatti two row melodeon (sold)”