Hohner Modell II melodeon (sold)

Hohner Modell II melodeon in CF made in Germany probably in the 1930s.

Hohner Modell II CFHohner Modell II melodeon in CF.  Two voice, 2.4 row, tuned to concert pitch, completely rebuilt, with custom inlay.

This instrument has vintage Hohner reeds and a unique sonorous bass (the bass reeds are huge by modern standards). I converted it from the German club layout to the standard melodeon layout  this the standard Melodoen layout (NB. opens link from Melodoen.net). The row of accidentals are F#/G#, Eb/C#, D/Eb, F#/G# (high).  The treble and bass ends were in a poor condition so I decorated it with inlay and polished the corners to a brass finish (to match the yellow bellows paper). The pallets were refaced, the reeds cleaned and revalved. The bellows were retaped and the gasket replaced. The bass strap and bellows straps are new. The box gives a lovely warm sound because of its vintage reeds.