Hohner Melodeon A/D (or C#/D)

(SOLD)This is a Hohner Vienna style two row, two voice melodeon in the keys of A/D (or alternate tuning, C#/D), made in Germany, with celluloid finish. It has been restored to a nice playable condition. This is like a Pokerwork but with a different finish. It has a wooden keyboard (unlike modern Hohner Pokerwork and Erica melodeons.

A/D tuned boxes are ideal for an alternate set up with a C# row in place of the A row.  With the C# row fitted the box can be played in D and G on the D row. The C natural for the G scale is on the C# row. But the semitone layout (C#/D) provides for the flexibility to play in other keys, but without too much work to convert to this system if you are a regular DG box player.

See below for demo video.