Hohner Amatona IV button accordion

Hohner Amatona IV button accordion (sold). This is the four voice ‘DeLuxe’ version of this classic instrument, tuned to BC, with five couplers to mix and match the LMMM reeds. As you can hear from the video it sounds fabulous and has a pronounced level of tremolo without being harsh on the ear.

Restored Hohner melodeon

Here are some pictures and a video of a restored Hohner one row melodeon. I should have checked the model number before I gave it back to its owner. In the video I say it’s a 1004 model….when of course it ain’t. It’s a 1040. Duh. Too late to record another vid.

Here are before and after shots of the treble side.

As you can see there are no reed blocks. The reeds go straight into the case. I tuned them before I fixed them into place. Tuning them in situ was going to be a pain otherwise.  The little round-headed tacks help transfer the sound to the casing. Check out the video below – I think this little melodeon sounds great. Its owner was pretty pleased with it too.


Hohner Melodeon A/D (or C#/D)

(SOLD)This is a Hohner Vienna style two row, two voice melodeon in the keys of A/D (or alternate tuning, C#/D), made in Germany, with celluloid finish. It has been restored to a nice playable condition. This is like a Pokerwork but with a different finish. It has a wooden keyboard (unlike modern Hohner Pokerwork and Erica melodeons.

A/D tuned boxes are ideal for an alternate set up with a C# row in place of the A row.  With the C# row fitted the box can be played in D and G on the D row. The C natural for the G scale is on the C# row. But the semitone layout (C#/D) provides for the flexibility to play in other keys, but without too much work to convert to this system if you are a regular DG box player.

See below for demo video.