Pariselle melodeon with19+6 buttons in DG

(SOLD) Pariselle melodeon with19+6 buttons in DG. This was made in 2014 in Yeovil under the direction of Emmanuel Pariselle. It is fitted with hand finished Ciccarelli reeds and is octave tuned, with two voices, Low and Medium, with two switches to give three settiings (L, M, or LM). It has 14 basses and a six button helper row. The layout is Pariselle’s standard 19+6 button layout, which has been optimised for ease of playing. For instance there is a complete scale of A on the pull bellows. This is a unique instrument, made from French walnut and inlaid with red Z banding. The red buttons were selected to echo the red bellows and the inlay. The bass chords are ‘thirdless’. The note layout is here: Pariselle 19+6 DG layout and it weighs 3.5kg or 8lbs. Please watch the video demo to hear this instrument.





Hohner HA114C Cajun accordion/melodeon SOLD

Info about Hohner HA114C Cajun accordion/melodeon. One row, four voice melodeon in the key of C. This melodeon is German made and was in excellent condition with only minor signs of usage and with its factory box. These are classic instruments, light and powerful, with four stops to mix the for reed arrangement (LMMH). Hohner now make these instruments in China and sell them from £650 plus.




Hohner one-row melodeon/accordion

Hohner one-row melodeon/accordion in the key of C and made in Germany. This instrument is in excellent condition with virtually no wear apart from some minor scuffs on the bellows tape. I tweaked the tuning and fitted a keyboard limiter to prevent the buttons dropping a long way into the keyboard. Please view the video to learn more about this melodeon.


Hohner Corona II ADG

This is a Hohner Corona II in keys of ADG,two voice instrument, wet tuned, German made, with the classic Hohner sound. The outside row of buttons in key of A give some useful note reversals not found on a DG melodeon. Specifically push E and pull D. If you happen to play across the G and D rows then familiar key patterns are also available across the D/A rows, without requiring hours of practice to learn new patterns.


Melodeon – 3 row 12 bass GCF

Chinese made two voice melodeon – 3 row treble buttons (in the keys of GCF) and 12 bass. This was sold by Gear4Music as a second, because it was badly out of tune. I tuned it – the factory tuning was terrible – so you can see/hear it in the video below.

These are great boxes if you can play a two row melodeon , but can’t afford ££££ for a Hohner Corona. The three row melodeon is a modest step up from a two row, because the fingering for each row is exactly the same as you find on your two row. You can also play across the rows exactly as you do on a two row, but with the added scope of a third row.