Stagi W-15 LN C/G Gremlin Anglo Concertina 30 key

(sold) Stagi W-15 LN C/G Gremlin Anglo Concertina 30 key Made in Italy. This is a mid range Anglo concertina with great sound and playability, especially with the metal buttons and great keyboard action. It is in the standard keys of CG, which is perfect for playing in D as well as G. The recommended tutorial book for this is ‘The Irish Concertina’ by Mick Bramich. Please watch the video to see and hear this particular instrument. It comes with a soft gig bag.



Stagi Anglo Concertina 30 key G/D

Stagi Gremlin 30 key Anglo concertina model W15E in the keys of G/D, Italian made. For some reason two reed plates had been fitted the wrong way up. I returned them to their proper position, to give the instrument┬áthe standard Wheatstone layout. The G/D Anglo concertina is possibly better suited to English music than the C/G (some might argue). ┬áPlease see demo video below – it has a great sound.