Hohner Student II piano accordion

The Hohner Student II piano accordion is a classic small accordion, perfect for folk sessions where you need to play in a range of keys not easily available on a melodeon. (Here is another one..) This instrument has a wonderfully bright sound, with German made reeds. To make it super versatile it has thirdless bass chords (so the C chord sounds a C and G, which is a perfect 5th – the E does not sound). This enables the player to accompany tunes in major and minor keys, with a nice folky ‘drone’ effect. It has 12 basses (Bb,F,C,G,D,A). It has a medium to wet tremolo.

Stephanelli piano accordion with Hohner reeds

Small piano accordion with two octave keyboard range from G to A and 12 bass (sold).  I replaced the Chinese made reeds with classic Hohner piano accordion reeds on the RH side (from a vintage Organola piano accordion) and some Italian made reeds on the chord and high octave voices on the bass. The low bass reeds were salvageable and so remained in place. I removed the thirds from the chords so that it can be played in both major and minor keys. The overall result is a unique small piano accordion. Unlike many accordions of this size I have given it a dry tuning, with only a light tremolo. I can convert small accordions to have third-less chords. It certainly  makes them very playable.