Midi melodeon system


Midi melodeon system installation by Roy Hendrie (Squeeze Easy), carried out in Scotland. Pre sales try out and box preparation, plus post sales support by Jolly Roger Accordions. Donor melodeons supplied by Jolly Roger Accordions. The midi systems can be ordered from Jolly Roger Accordions or direct from Roy Hendrie.


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Ordinary melodeons can be fitted with a Squeeze Easy midi system (the Hohner in the picture is a demo box and not for sale). The reeds have to be removed and some preparation carried out. This initial work is £100, for a melodeon supplied by the customer (a donor melodeon is required please call me to discuss  if you don’t have one). Midi system fitting happens in Scotland, and is carried out by Roy Hendrie and costs £560. Sound module costs £395. V3 Sound control app (iPad or Chrome tablet required) costs £95. The system can be used with headphones for silent practice, or with a practice amplifier, or with a PA for performance.

The sound module can be bought separately for use with other midi devices.

Note: the midi systems and parts can be ordered from Jolly Roger Accordions (in Andover) or direct from Roy Hendrie, who is based in Scotland.

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Payment by card or bank transfer.

Delivery to mainland UK  £15

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