Hohner Student III (sold)

The Hohner Student III has 25 keys and 24 stradella bass, running from A to Ab, with maj, min and fundamental buttons. This would be a good accordion for someone who wants a lightweight but serious instrument, or for a learner. When restored (as this one was) these instruments make a marvellous sound because of their old reeds, which are mounted in zinc plates (modern reeds are normally mounted in aluminium plates). Please see the video demo.

Hohner Club IV restored

Some shots of a Hohner Club IV, three voice (MMM) 30 key instrument. The keyboard was in a bit of a state (see before and after pictures) but the rest of it was OK, though it needed complete overhaul. A thirty key, three voice instrument has a *lot* of reeds. I also declubbed this box for its owner.