Hohner Student II piano accordion

The Hohner Student II piano accordion is a classic small accordion, perfect for folk sessions where you need to play in a range of keys not easily available on a melodeon. (Here is another one..) This instrument has a wonderfully bright sound, with German made reeds. To make it super versatile it has thirdless bass chords (so the C chord sounds a C and G, which is a perfect 5th – the E does not sound). This enables the player to accompany tunes in major and minor keys, with a nice folky ‘drone’ effect. It has 12 basses (Bb,F,C,G,D,A). It has a medium to wet tremolo.

Scandalli piano accordion for sale (sold)

Very nice Italian made Scandalli piano accordion for sale, second hand. This is a relatively unusual model to find in the UK. it is similar to the Hohner Arietta in size and weight.  It has 34 treble keys and is therefore smaller and lighter than a full-sized piano accordion.
Three voices on the RH (low, medium, medium), with three couplers giving the following combinations: L, LMM, MM.
Four voices on the LH, with 48 bass – counter bass, fundamental, major chord, minor chord, in all 12 notes of the scale.
The bass action is particularly light, as is the RH keyboard action.


Hohner Atlantic III piano accordion (sold)

Hohner Atlantic III piano accordion. Three voice (low reed, and two medium reeds) with 9 couplers (4 are repeats), mute switch, 3 couplers on the 5 voice bass side.
This is a lovely instrument – the 1960s Atlantics were fitted with composite pads (a sandwich of leather and foam attached to the keys and which form an air seal until you operate a key e.g. sound a note), and over time the foam in the pad disintegrates. All the pads on the bass and treble were replaced. The internal condition is good with no valve noise, and the instrument is in tune and sounds great. See the video below.

Melodeon – 3 row 12 bass GCF

Chinese made two voice melodeon – 3 row treble buttons (in the keys of GCF) and 12 bass. This was sold by Gear4Music as a second, because it was badly out of tune. I tuned it – the factory tuning was terrible – so you can see/hear it in the video below.

These are great boxes if you can play a two row melodeon , but can’t afford ££££ for a Hohner Corona. The three row melodeon is a modest step up from a two row, because the fingering for each row is exactly the same as you find on your two row. You can also play across the rows exactly as you do on a two row, but with the added scope of a third row.