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For sale Scandalli 120 bass accordion – £550

For sale Scandalli 120 bass accordion. Made in Italy. Has a full sized (41 key) keyboard, three voices (LMM) seven treble couplers and five a voice bass with two couplers. This instrument is in good condition and has the refined sound you expect from Scandalli instruments. The keyboard action is light and fast and the treble couplers allow for a variety of sounds. This used instrument has been fully serviced. Comes with a hard case. Please see the demo video below.


Price: £550
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Scandalli piano accordion for sale (sold)

Very nice Italian made Scandalli piano accordion for sale, second hand. This is a relatively unusual model to find in the UK. it is similar to the Hohner Arietta in size and weight.  It has 34 treble keys and is therefore smaller and lighter than a full-sized piano accordion.
Three voices on the RH (low, medium, medium), with three couplers giving the following combinations: L, LMM, MM.
Four voices on the LH, with 48 bass – counter bass, fundamental, major chord, minor chord, in all 12 notes of the scale.
The bass action is particularly light, as is the RH keyboard action.


Scandalli PA from 1942

I thought I’d show you a few pictures of this lovely old accordion (which is sadly NOT for sale), shipped from the US. Scandalli makes beautiful accordions. They sound marvellous and have a light action. In particular the bass is as light as a feather to play and has perfect response.

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