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Hohner 114C

Hohner HA114C Cajun accordion/melodeon SOLD

Info about Hohner HA114C Cajun accordion/melodeon. One row, four voice melodeon in the key of C. This melodeon is German made and was in excellent condition with only minor signs of usage and with its factory box. These are classic instruments, light and powerful, with four stops to mix the for reed arrangement (LMMH). Hohner now make these instruments in China and sell them from £650 plus.




Hohner one-row melodeon/accordion

Hohner one-row melodeon/accordion in the key of C and made in Germany. This instrument is in excellent condition with virtually no wear apart from some minor scuffs on the bellows tape. I tweaked the tuning and fitted a keyboard limiter to prevent the buttons dropping a long way into the keyboard. Please view the video to learn more about this melodeon.


Hohner 114C Cajun

Hohner HA114C Cajun accordion/melodeon

Hohner HA114C Cajun accordion/melodeon. One row, four voice melodeon in the key of C.

This accordion appeared to be brand new, in mint condition. It was made in Germany and had the characteristic red and gold bellows tape of instruments made in Germany.

This is a rare example of a mint condition German made 114C.



Restored Hohner melodeon

Here are some pictures and a video of a restored Hohner one row melodeon. I should have checked the model number before I gave it back to its owner. In the video I say it’s a 1004 model….when of course it ain’t. It’s a 1040. Duh. Too late to record another vid.

Here are before and after shots of the treble side.

As you can see there are no reed blocks. The reeds go straight into the case. I tuned them before I fixed them into place. Tuning them in situ was going to be a pain otherwise.  The little round-headed tacks help transfer the sound to the casing. Check out the video below – I think this little melodeon sounds great. Its owner was pretty pleased with it too.