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Hohner one-row melodeon/accordion

Hohner one-row melodeon/accordion in the key of C and made in Germany. This instrument is in excellent condition with virtually no wear apart from some minor scuffs on the bellows tape. I tweaked the tuning and fitted a keyboard limiter to prevent the buttons dropping a long way into the keyboard. Please view the video to learn more about this melodeon.


Hohner Corona II

Hohner Corona II ADG

This is a Hohner Corona II in keys of ADG,two voice instrument, wet tuned, German made, with the classic Hohner sound. The outside row of buttons in key of A give some useful note reversals not found on a DG melodeon. Specifically push E and pull D. If you happen to play across the G and D rows then familiar key patterns are also available across the D/A rows, without requiring hours of practice to learn new patterns.


Melodeon – 3 row 12 bass GCF

Chinese made two voice melodeon – 3 row treble buttons (in the keys of GCF) and 12 bass. This was sold by Gear4Music as a second, because it was badly out of tune. I tuned it – the factory tuning was terrible – so you can see/hear it in the video below.

These are great boxes if you can play a two row melodeon , but can’t afford ££££ for a Hohner Corona. The three row melodeon is a modest step up from a two row, because the fingering for each row is exactly the same as you find on your two row. You can also play across the rows exactly as you do on a two row, but with the added scope of a third row.


Hohner Lilliput Eb Bb

What can I say? These little boxes don’t quite have legendary status, but they are so dainty and very desirable. This one is in Eb Bb, a very nice key. It does require quite a bit of work – but it will have new bellows to replace the old ones, which are beyond repair. This one will be declubbed.

Check back later for pictures and video. This box has been ordered.