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Hohner Student II

Hohner Student II piano accordion in RED

(Sold) Hohner Student II piano accordion in RED.  Made in Germany. This (was) in unused condition with no wear at all and with its original matching shoulder straps.  This little accordion has 26 keys and twelve basses, which in practice means bass fundamental and chords in Bb,F,C,G,D,A. Major chords are normal for the Student II, but I removed the major third note for each chord, so they work for major and minor tunes. Please see the video for further explanation and demonstration, This is a great little instrument, perfect for busking or learning.


Hohner Student VM 48 bass piano accordion

(sold)  Hohner Student 48 bass piano accordion. Ideal for learning or for taking to music sessions, or for busking or carrying while travelling. This instrument was made in Germanyand has a bright Hohner sound and is very far ahead of any modern Chinese made accordions at this price point, especially in terms of its playability, weight and sound. Please see the demo video to hear it!

This item is sold.