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Hohner Atlantic III piano accordion (sold)

Hohner Atlantic III piano accordion. Three voice (low reed, and two medium reeds) with 9 couplers (4 are repeats), mute switch, 3 couplers on the 5 voice bass side.
This is a lovely instrument – the 1960s Atlantics were fitted with composite pads (a sandwich of leather and foam attached to the keys and which form an air seal until you operate a key e.g. sound a note), and over time the foam in the pad disintegrates. All the pads on the bass and treble were replaced. The internal condition is good with no valve noise, and the instrument is in tune and sounds great. See the video below.

Sonola piano accordion

Sonola PA

Did some maintenance to the reeds on this lovely old Sonola accordion yesterday. The grille looks like it comes off a Buick. The build quality is superb, but oh my, it is heavy – I didn’t actually weigh it but it is at least 13kg. You want to be sitting down to play it. The new owner was very pleased with it – as I would be too.

Hohner Carena IIIM 41/120 … (demo video)

A decent mid range Hohner Carena IIIM piano accordion, full size, with the lovely Hohner sound. I refurbished the bass end (clean up, revalve, rewax, tune) after which it sounded marvellous, with a deep honking bass when all five reed sets were called into service. On the right hand it is a three voice instrument (LMM), with five registers to mix and match the sound. I sorted out the various issues with loose valves and reeds and tuned up.  The buyer wanted me to service their eBay acquired PA but when I showed them this instrument they changed their minds. That is the problem with buying accordions from eBay. You are never quite sure what you going to get unless it is supplied by an instrument vendor or repairer.

And here is a video of the restored PA: