Accordions and melodeons for sale

Secondhand accordions for sale / secondhand melodeons for sale

Please contact me if you see something you like.

For Sale Hohner Student II accordion – £325

For sale Hohner Student II piano accordion.  Made in Germany.  This classic little accordion is perfect for folk sessions. It has 26 keys and twelve basses, which in practice means ...
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Parrot Piano Accordion

For sale Parrot piano accordion with mutes – £450

For sale Parrot piano accordion with mutes . Nice clean condition, unplayed as far as I can see. Serviced and tuned. Three treble voices with five couplers and five bass ...
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For sale Scarlatti Nero melodeon D/G – £450

For sale Scarlatti Nero melodeon in D/G. Beginners package!! The Nero is a cut above the cheaper Scarlatti models. It has Czech Dural reeds and a great sound and is ...
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Hohner Pokerwork

For Sale Hohner Pokerwork in CF – £525

For sale Hohner Pokerwork in CF. Tidy condition, serviced and tuned. The tuning (CF) is gaining in popularity in the UK. German made instruments in reasonable order like this don't ...
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Albrecht melodeon

For sale Albrecht one row melodeon in D – £1950

This Albrecht melodeon is one of five of this design made in 2013 by the innovative young German accordion maker, Kay Albrecht (see his web site here). It demonstrates a convergence of ...
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More accordions here. If you see something you like please contact me to for a restored/unrestored price.