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I have these items for repair or review. Please feel free to contact me if you like something.

Settimio Soprani piano accordion 80bass

Settimio Soprani Two piano accordion with 34 keys and 80 bass.  Two voice. Compared to modern accordions this is relatively light in weight and less tiring to play and carry around than a full sized 120 bass accordion. This is the ideal size to weight combination for a piano accordion. This will be fully restored to play-ability, with completely overhauled reeds (new valves and wax) and tuned.  There is no modern/new equivalent to this for the price.  Restored price, including new shoulder straps £475.

If you are interested in this accordion please contact me

Soprani PA 34key/36bass … (for restoration)

Soprani PA 34/36This falls into the category of a light piano accordion, with 34 keys and 36 basses (all 12 notes in the scale), and major and minor chords.  I love the look of it too. The body is in good condition, as are the bellows, which is why I want to get it back to working condition. The reeds need completely removing, cleaning, re-valving and no doubt tuning. Quite possibly all the pallets will be releathered too, though I haven’t quite decided on that just yet. It’ll be like a new accordion! And it has a case!

If you are interested in this accordion please contact me.