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These instruments are either restored and or repaired and ready for sale or are waiting to be restored (you can still buy them, though)..

Hohner Cajun HA112

For sale Hohner Cajun melodeon £475

Virtually new Hohner Cajun melodeon, made in Germany. In the key of C. This is a classic instrument and it is rare to find examples like this that were purchased and not played. This one was located (of all places) in Tasmania.

Price: £475 including postage to the mainland UK.
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Albrecht melodeon

For sale Albrecht one row melodeon in D – £1950

This Albrecht melodeon is one of five of this design made in 2013 by the innovative young German accordion maker, Kay Albrecht (see his web site here). It demonstrates a convergence of art and music, with its fabulous appearance and sound quality. The reeds are hand finished and give a rapid response to the player. This instrument has only been played a handful of times and is in mint condition. It has three voices on the treble side and four bass buttons. It comes with a luxury hard case.

Price: £1950 including postage to the mainland UK.
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Galanti 120

For sale Galanti 120 bass compact accordion – £875

For sale Galanti 120 bass compact accordion, made in Italy circa 1970. This instrument is in first class condition and does not look as if it has been played much at all. It is a compact and lightweight model with two tremolo tuned voices and a coupler to give a single pure voice. The sound is bright and refined. The keys are slightly narrower than normal to reduce the overall size. It weighs around 7.6kg and has a new set of shoulder straps and a hard case. Instruments of this vintage are difficult to find in such a nice condition. This used instrument has been fully serviced. See short video clip below.

Price: £875

This instrument can be tried and purchased at Hogan Music in Newbury Berkshire

You can call them on 01635 378 68.



Settimio Soprani piano accordion 80bass

Settimio Soprani Two piano accordion with 34 keys and 80 bass.  Two voice. Compared to modern accordions this is relatively light in weight and less tiring to play and carry around than a full sized 120 bass accordion. This is the ideal size to weight combination for a piano accordion. This will be fully restored to play-ability, with completely overhauled reeds (new valves and wax) and tuned.  There is no modern/new equivalent to this for the price.  Restored price, including new shoulder straps £475.

If you are interested in this accordion please contact me