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Accordions repaired or restored and sent to their owners.

Stagi W-15 LN C/G Gremlin Anglo Concertina 30 key

(sold) Stagi W-15 LN C/G Gremlin Anglo Concertina 30 key Made in Italy. This is a mid range Anglo concertina with great sound and playability, especially with the metal buttons and great keyboard action. It is in the standard keys of CG, which is perfect for playing in D as well as G. The recommended tutorial book for this is ‘The Irish Concertina’ by Mick Bramich. Please watch the video to see and hear this particular instrument. It comes with a soft gig bag.



Hohner Student VM 48 bass piano accordion

(sold)  Hohner Student 48 bass piano accordion. Ideal for learning or for taking to music sessions, or for busking or carrying while travelling. This instrument was made in Germanyand has a bright Hohner sound and is very far ahead of any modern Chinese made accordions at this price point, especially in terms of its playability, weight and sound. Please see the demo video to hear it!

This item is sold. 

Hohner Corona II in A/D/G

Hohner Corona II in A/D/G.  A three row instrument, with 31 treble keys and 12 basses. Tuned to give a light tremolo and to blend with the basses. The standard Hohner tuning is often brash and sounds sharp in relation to the basses. This instrument now has a sweeter sound than the standard tuning style.

The outside row of buttons in key of A give some useful note reversals not found on a DG melodeon. Specifically push E and pull D. If you happen to play across the G and D rows then familiar key patterns are also available across the D/A rows, without requiring hours of practice to learn new patterns.