Piano Accordion repair service

Piano accordion repair servicing and tuning can be labour intensive, especially on large accordions.  How much does it cost to repair an accordion? See my guide to costs page.

Here are some examples of my repair services:

Casali reeds

Casali reeds

  • Fix notes not sounding properly, or silent keys, or sounding out of tune – free stuck reed tongues, replace valves or reeds or the wax seal, plus necessary tuning.
  • Tuning – analysis and reed tuning.
  • Fix stuck or misaligned keys or registers or air buttons.
  • Resolve problems with the bass machine.
  • Resolve air leaks – Hohner Atlantics are a regular in my workshop. !960s models often need replacement pallet leathers.

Restoration of old piano accordions

  • Returning an old or used accordion back to working condition includes a reed overhaul and fixing air leaks and malfunctioning  bass and treble keyboard.
  • A reed overhaul normally entails removing and cleaning reed plates (with ultrasound), replacement of an damaged reeds, valve replacement, refit, maybe with reed wax, and tuning.
  • Tuning analysis and reed tuning.
  • Bellows repairs – where bellows tape has been worn through, this can be replaced, though this is a time consuming and therefore relatively expensive job. If the bellows leak, repairs can be made internally or the gasket can be replaced. If new bellows are needed I have them custom made in Slovakia or Italy.

I am happy to talk to you about your accordion (or about accordions in general) – either if you need repair or tuning work, or if you are looking for more general advice on accordions. They are fascinating instruments and it can be very confusing if you are just starting out!

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